November 03, 2016

Draper and Kramer brand refresh

This fall, UpShift launched the brand refresh of Draper and Kramer, a national property and financial services firm.
The firm has a nationwide scope, yet it’s still a family-owned company headquartered in Chicago.

UpShift developed a central, cohesive brand that successfully unifies Draper and Kramer’s variety of services and sub-brands under one strategy. The new logo design is a nod to the company’s history and was inspired by the block lettering used at Draper and Kramer’s founding in 1893 and also in the 1930s.

Draper and Kramer’s rebrand has been hugely successful both internally and externally. Department heads have embraced the new look and unified messaging, and now realize the power of being a part of a strong, vertically-integrated parent brand.

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