September 25, 2014

JDSU hits the App Store

Spotlight: JDSU iPad App User Interface Design

JDSU, a leading provider of optical products and test and measurement solutions for the communications industry, recently launched the industry’s first consolidated digital spectrum video analyzer and noise-troubleshooting platform. By utilizing the Apple iPad, the product revolutionized testing equipment, where previous hardware was limited to small, hard to navigate screens. The new platform required a completely new interface—one that could take advantage of the larger screens and touch capability.

UpShift worked closely with JDSU’s development team to create an interface that was modern, yet familiar to ensure a smooth transition of users. Careful UI decisions were made to ensure graphs, charts and measurements were easy to read and navigate in a variety of field conditions—such as being in bright sun, utilizing gloves, or 15 feet in the air on a telephone pole.

JDSU’s VSE-1100 App (and UpShift’s interface work) is now available on the Apple App Store.

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