October 31, 2017

Say Hello to Aaron

Meet Aaron, one of our new Project Managers who joined the team this summer. We’re excited to have him helping us keep our growing project roster on track.


If you weren’t a Project Manager, what would you be doing?

If I wasn’t in my current occupation, I would love to be an attorney.  I’ve studied the law a good amount on my own and I know a decent amount about legal procedure; I have been elected as jury foreman during three cases…I LOVE jury duty…seriously…

Favorite part about working at a design agency?

My favorite part about working in a creative agency is being involved in many different types of projects—it’s only been three months here but it’s been great contributing to company naming, video shoots, photo shoots, and learning more about web design and development.

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you otherwise.

If I didn’t tell you, you’d have no idea I love cats…jk obviously!  You wouldn’t know I once ran a mile in 4:45; I also went undefeated in my tennis league last year!

Favorite hangout when not at UpShift?

My favorite place to be in the world is anywhere with my wife, Jamie…golf course drinking tallboys, secluded lake house in Northern Wisconsin, or home with my cats Shanks & Cherry…as long as she’s there, I’m good (sorry, cheesy I know).

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