September 18, 2017

Say Hello to Atiyya

Meet Junior Designer, Atiyya! She joined our team this summer after graduating from Columbia College Chicago, and we’re happy to have her!


If you weren’t a Designer, what would you be doing?

When I was younger, I thought I would like to be a veterinarian. But, I thought I would have to become vegetarian in order to become a veterinarian which sounded too hard! That’s ironic now, considering I’m vegan.

Favorite part about working at a design agency?

I love working with awesome creative people. The designers here are so talented and hardworking. I’m a little intimidated, which I find inspiring. 

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you otherwise.

I’ve watched every single episode of I Love Lucy at least five times. Yes, I’m only 23. 

Favorite hangout when not at UpShift?

I don’t really have a specific hangout place I frequent. I just like finding new places to browse through searching for inspiration, whether it’s the outdoors, a book store… or IKEA.

If you were a Pantone color, which one would you be?

Right now I’m feeling like 2004 C. 

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