September 10, 2015

Say hello to Dana

Dana is UpShift’s Office Manager. Besides managing the books Dana is integral to ensuring everything runs smoothly at UpShift. She handles everything from management of office supplies and materials to phone and in-person hospitality of UpShift’s clients and guests.

Why work at a design firm?
Everyday is something new and exciting, I love coming in to work to a very creative environment that I can be a part of, and learn from as well.

If you didn’t work at UpShift, what would you be doing?
My dream is to open a small diner, just like the ones you find on the back roads in the country. Where you can get a quick bite to eat, share your meal in good company and the hear the latest gossip.

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you otherwise?
My favorite holiday is Halloween! You can be anyone, or any thing for that matter, on that one day of the year. My favorite costume of choice?  A strong, and sassy Steampunk Heroine!

Favorite hangout when not at UpShift?
I have a favorite charity that I work with in my spare time, called Moose Heart. I enjoy working with the children that we support and my surrounding community.

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