August 12, 2015

Say hello to Renee

Renee is a Junior Designer who has assisted UpShift for the past few months on a variety of client programs including logo design, brochure development and web site layout. She comes to us while on break from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC), where she is wrapping up a BFA in Visual Communications and BA in Visual and Critical Studies.

What made you get into design?
I have a background in painting and drawing, but I think I was always looking for a career path that felt a little less self-indulgent, or perhaps was a better balance of creativity and practicality. Designing satisfies both those needs and is a great way to create pieces that are very publicly accessible, unlike the sometimes insular high art world. You get the opportunity as a designer every day to create something that’s beautiful, purposeful, and functional.

If you were a Pantone color, what would you be and why?
That’s a tough one. Probably 5615? I tend to gravitate towards shades of green, and this one seems pretty laid-back like my personality.

If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing?
I’ve always had a passion for live theater, so I’d probably be a production stage manager. Although it usually made me a gigantic ball of nerves, I look back on my experience in that position in high school really fondly.

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you otherwise?
I played field hockey for my Catholic middle and high schools for a total of six years. And yes, the team uniform included the classic, unflattering, pleated plaid skirt.

Favorite hangout when not at UpShift?
You’ll probably find me at the lakefront reading—as long as the weather is nice!

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