April 26, 2016

Say hello to Stephen

Stephen is one of our Web Developers at UpShift—so if you’ve clicked through a site we’ve designed, chances are that Stephen has had a hand in it.

How did you get started as a Web Developer?

I started making websites in college, mostly for recreational clubs. I would do this while avoiding homework for Flash class. Before that, I wanted to be a journalist, and before that, I generally wanted to play video games.

If you weren’t a Web Developer, what would you be doing?

I think I would be teaching. I have always had great respect and appreciation for educators. I know how to write a lesson plan, I don’t fear public speaking, and I like interacting with young people.

Favorite part about working at a design agency?

I love watching the designers in their process, and their concepts that bloom into things that you find around Chicago. We get to contribute to the city’s history in that way.

Tell us one thing we wouldn’t know about you otherwise?

I used to be a member of a secret internet community. It was mostly for fun. I befriended some users who became notable journalists, programmers and actors, and knew the origins of and even the people in widely known memes. I would love to share details, but it’s secret.

Favorite hangout when not at UpShift?

Somewhere between the beach and my parents’ home. They love to cook for me.

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