October 06, 2015

Brand Identity

UpShift combines deep consumer insights with strategic thinking and refined graphic design to create a 360° brand experience across all channels. This is what helps your company stand out in crowded markets, build brand loyalty and boost sales.

What is brand? The perceived emotional corporate image—the essence as a whole.

What is identity? The visual aspects that form the overall brand expression—the system.

What is a logo? A logo identifies a business in its simplest form—the mark, symbol or icon.

UpShift creates strategic, insightful brand identities for businesses after an acquisition, merger or new product launch—or just when a company feels that a refresh is in order. Given the deep competition that exists in all markets—and the ability of consumers to connect and comment across multiple touch points in real time—it’s easy to understand why branding is so important today. Brands are a promise. They transcend product cycles and advertising campaigns to convey a consistent approach to quality, performance and experience. Brands have real value. When Tata Motors paid $2.56 billion for Jaguar and Land Rover, they didn’t get factories, or people or showrooms. They purchased the inherent value of those brands. Same for when Kraft paid $19.5 billion for Cadbury-it wast about the chocolate or the recipes, it was simply about unlocking the value of deep brand familiarity and connection. UpShift helps businesses optimize the value of their brands by creating impactive brand images that resonate with target audiences. We create unique, compelling brand experiences across all media channels, including print, digital, environmental, packaging, social media and retail touch points. We’ve worked with many of America’s best known companies to shape their brand experiences, including United, Discover Card, Allstate, Weber, and Palm. Our deep insights, combined with a quest for innovation, has made us one of Chicago’s top branding agencies. Simply put, we help successful medium and large sized businesses become even more successful.