October 06, 2015

Web Design + Interactive

The first web site we designed was in 1995, so we’ve been around the block a few times when it comes to creating effective digital communications. Over the past 19 years, we’ve won awards for web site design, interactive kiosks and mobile platforms because of their simplicity, strong design and intelligent use of technologies.

What is a webpage? The online home of any person, company, or institution.

What is responsive design? Design that formats itself to any given screen.

What is a cookie? Small bits of information stored by the browser to allow web sites to remember details.

UpShift has designed and built unique, compelling digital experiences for some of America’s leading companies, including Weber, Motorola, Palm, Ventura Foods, Cingular, Safety Technology International, Snaidero Chicago and Thomas E. Wilson Foods. We didn’t become one of Chicago’s leading web design companies overnight. Every site we have built going way back to 1995 is a total custom solution—never from pre-built templates. We don’t crank out cheap, low-dollar sites like many other web-only companies. Instead, we take extreme measures to ensure that the design and technologies of your site are a seamless fit for your brand image. After all, we’re not just a web design company, we’re a branding firm that builds 360° brand experiences across all digital and print channels.