July 26, 2021

Throwback: UpShift creates Weber logo

Did you know…
Richard Shanks redesigned the Weber logo in 2000, just before founding UpShift?
That’s right. Both the client and the creative team were well down a path to eliminate the iconic kettle from the logo along with the color red. Can you imagine?
There were various business reasons, including how Weber has not made a bright red grill in decades due to environmental problems with a red paint that can stand up to extreme heat.
Yet Rich thought the Weber kettle was an icon that has ingrained itself in our national conscience—like the VW beetle.
So he rolled up his sleeves and proved that the logo could evolve into a modern silhouette. The old clunky type and frame were ditched. The kettle was simplified, scaled down, and moved to the back. And the red kettle lives on.
As a result of our founder’s perseverance, UpShift worked with Weber for about 20 years—and their restaurant division for about 15—on various branding and marketing efforts.
Good clients. Good ideas. Good work.
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