March 12, 2015

UpShift launches innovative website for JeffJack Apartments

UpShift designed and developed a custom website for JeffJack Apartments, a new luxury residential development located in the heart of Chicago at Jefferson and Jackson.

The website showcases the building’s unique amenities which include a luxury lobby, private greenspace park and designer finishes in each apartment. JeffJack also has an indoor/outdoor pool with a wall that slides open at the press of a button. We mimicked this sliding wall through a website that scrolls from left-to-right, instead of the conventional up-down.

In Addition, we built out a stylish, hip brand identity for JeffJack that includes a retro-inspired logo and a tabloid newspaper instead of a traditional brochure that references the printing presses of Chicago’s historic Printers Row nearby.

Congrats to Kathy, Ted, and Rich who made the site possible.

Click below to find your next apartment—and check out our award-winning graphic design work for JeffJack Apartments: JeffJack Apartments

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