September 25, 2014

UpShift scores 10 AGDA Awards

UpShift shoots, UpShift scores! The American Graphic Design and Advertising Awards showcase the best graphic design & advertising in the USA. UpShift received 10 awards in multiple categories, including: brochures/catalogs, logos & trademarks, and website design. A huge thank you to the hard-working teams at UpShift and the clients that empower us to deliver our best. Specific awards are listed below.

Clarion Construction – Brochures & Catalogs

Kentech – Logos & Trademarks

Realty & Mortgage Co. – Logos & Trademarks

ELCO Mutual – Logos & Trademarks

Blue Vista Capital – Website

Dino Loukas – Website

Matthew Kellen Creative – Website

Michigan Avenue Magazine, A Shore Thing – Website

UpShift Creative Group – Website

Hard Eight Trading – Website


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