June 17, 2020

Black Lives Matter

Black Lives Matter.

I’m encouraged by the peaceful BLM protests of the past few weeks. I feel optimistic that something very good will come out of the energy and determination shown by those demonstrating their First Amendment Rights.

Brave voices all over our country are insisting upon an end to systemic racism. No more excuses. No more time lost.

We’ve seen what increased awareness, changing attitudes, and community action can do.

  • People stood up for equality and spoke out against unforgivable behavior against women that created hostility, glass ceilings, and unsafe work conditions. This led to a shift in women’s rights.
  • Marriage equality and adoption rights for the LGBTQ community came about after some brave individuals first stood up to change the minds of the majority.
  • Even more recently, the Supreme Court ruling protected gay, lesbian and transgender workers with existing federal civil rights law.

Let’s find inspiration in the humanity of this moment—when we wipe out old barriers created by skin color and create opportunities for all.

Discrimination in any manner is not acceptable. That’s why UpShift is taking the following actions today:

1. We are donating to Black Lives Matter to encourage peaceful protest and meaningful legislative initiatives. We hope you’ll consider making a donation too.

2. In future posts, UpShift will be highlighting black-owned design businesses and artists to drive awareness and financial support their way.

3. Last, UpShift affirms our long-held belief that hiring and pay is blind to race, gender, sexuality and religion. Diverse teams create better solutions. Equal pay for equal work.

While I believe there is much more to be done to support BLM, I’m hopeful that we can make a difference.



—Richard Shanks, UpShift President

Donate to BLM

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