August 31, 2021

Nick Celebrates 20 Years

Nick Staal, Partner

Shout out to Nicholas Staal today who is celebrating 20 years at UpShift (actually a bit longer if you count his internship.)

Nick was Full-time Hire #1 back in 2001—and he’s also #1 in a lot of other ways. Anyone who has worked with UpShift knows that we couldn’t do it without him.

When I got the urge to expand UpShift nationwide in 2018, Nick stepped up and headed up our Chicago office. Since then, we’ve built a small team in LA and we’re known as one of the nation’s leading agencies in real estate branding and marketing.

People know Nick to be hard-working, level-headed, highly creative and dedicated to delivering a product built with care. 

I’m proud to call him not just my business partner but a dear friend.

Drop him a line to say, “Congratulations, Nick!” Here’s to the next 20.

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