July 15, 2015

University of Michigan Alumni Show features Richard Shanks

Each year, The University of Michigan Alumni exhibition offers an opportunity for U-M graduates from across the country and internationally to share their current creative work. 2015’s theme “Puzzles, Riddles, and Enigmas” is a selection of works marked by the movement between the fictions of looking and the blurring of the easily assumed distinctions between the oneiric (or dreamlike) and the empirical. (Now that’s art speak!)

UpShift’s founder, Mr. Shanks, created a custom ink on paper piece titled “AbsoluteNothing” that is a typographic conundrum using the words “Absolute Nothing” and “Near Perfect Failure”. Opening reception is July 17, with the show running in Ann Arbor until August 2.

For more information visit: Puzzles, Riddles, and Enigmas

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