March 04, 2014

UpShift to be featured in Creative Anarchy book

UpShift’s design work for Pronto ‘Za Pizza has been selected to be featured in the upcoming book Creative Anarchy. Both Pronto ‘Za’s logo and T-shirt designs were selected for their innovative solutions that abandon the norm.

We veered far from the old-world Italian clichés and created a fresh brand that embodies the unique pizzas the restaurant makes. “The Pizza Man” has become a memorable and lovable character for the restaurant’s customers. UpShift even created versions of the main logo character to represent each of their specialty pizzas. For the T-shirts, we created fun designs that spark conversation and are more likely to be worn by customers than basic logo-only shirts.

Creative Anarchy, written by Denise Bosler, will explore when to follow the rules & when to break them. A release date has not yet been publicized, but you can bet UpShift will keep you posted on when you can get your hands on a copy.

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