August 06, 2021

CORE Industrial Website Launches

CORE Industrial Partners is a Private Equity firm investing exclusively in Manufacturing and Industrial Technology companies both nationally and globally. UpShift worked with CORE Industrial to create a dynamic and engaging website for their company. When approaching this website redesign, the main objectives were to create a site that was scalable as CORE continues to grow and invest in new companies, as well as expanding the site to multiple pages. It was important that we included additional functionality like an interactive map, and the ability to easily update the site through the CMS so that they could keep clients updated on new business ventures and information.

UpShift incorporated all these features while creating a refreshed and modernized design through utilizing pops of blues and orange, complemented with neutral grays and white to keep things light. We also used existing brand fonts that ensured the site felt modern yet reflected the companies industrial roots. Check out our custom site below!

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