June 28, 2022

The Frederic Website Wins for Web Excellence

Frederic Website Award

We’re proud to share that our custom website for The Frederic Apartments has been recognized by the Web Excellence Awards. We created a unique, upscale brand for this luxury in Sacramento, CA, just down the street from the state capital. The brand incorporates hand-drawn details and nods to the rich history of settlers coming to the area in search of new opportunities and gold. Featuring a unique way of navigating through the site and its interior pages, creative messaging, and custom API integration, The Frederic website stands out amongst nearby competitors, and reflects the thoughtful, modern design the property offers to its residents. 

The Web Excellence Awards is one of the most prestigious web competitions and aims to promote excellence on the Web and set standards by honoring distinguished projects across a variety of digital mediums.

View our custom website here.

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