Highgate Capital Group

A real estate investment firm builds success with a new brand & website


Highgate Capital sought UpShift to create a professional yet creative brand and website that better communicated their company offerings and extensive experience across a multi-state region in the Midwest.


We first created a new, modern brand identity that reflected their thoughtful approach to multifamily investment. Then, we carried this identity across presentation decks and a new website that makes it easy for new clients to understand Highgate’s offerings and expertise.


  • New brand identity reintroduced the company in the market
  • A flexible presentation template to ensure brand compliance
  • Award-winning website
Highgate Brand Overview
Highgate Logo
Highgate Brand Colors


UpShift created a new logo that communicates the trustworthy professionalism that Highgate Capital is known for. A fresh color palette conveys strength and ingenuity.

PowerPoint Overview

Presentation Deck Template

A custom PowerPoint Template was created for the client to engage potential new investors.

Cover and Breaker PPT Page
PPT Slides
PPT Graphs
PPT Charts & Graphs
PPT Slides

Presentation Slides

A wide range of slides were designed in order to accommodate different types of content and data, all which can easily be edited to ensure flexibility and long-term use.

Highgate Website Home Page & Mobile

Custom Website Design

UpShift designed and programmed a new custom website for Highgate Capital.

Web Pages
Mobile Website

Responsive Design

Refined typography, large images and video, and fields of color allow users to easily learn more about Highgate’s offerings and experience.

Letterhead & Business Card
Case Study Page

Stationery & Case Study Reports

Letterhead and Business Cards we printed for team members, and key elements from the PowerPoint Template were carried across custom reports.