SeaCrest Hotel

Pismo Beach, CA

UpShift revamps the brand of a hotel in Pismo Beach that has crafted oceanfront memories for 60 years


Seacrest's stunning cliff-side location in Pismo Beach has been rewarding travelers with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean for more than six decades. Based on our extensive work in hospitality and luxury consumer goods, UpShift was hired to refresh the Seacrest brand, advertising, and marketing collateral to appeal to visitors coming from the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas who seek a relaxed, upscale retreat within a day's drive. With its rich history, we wanted to lean into the historical aspects that Seacrest has, yet represent them in a cool, effortless, and fun way—similar to what you often see in Palm Springs. The result of our branding & marketing efforts has been higher nightly room rates, increased interest, and higher web traffic.

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