Beckley on Trinity

Dallas, TX

Dallas, TX multifamily brand in an artistic neighborhood


Stonehawk hired us to create an artistic and polished brand that would appeal to the young professionals seeking out one of Dallas's hottest neighborhoods. The luxury apartment building offers a highly-amenitized experience with stylish interiors and an enviable location close to bars, shops, recreation and entertainment.


We drew inspiration for the logo from the shape of the building, which utilizes an undulating series of block forms surrounding a rectangular central amenity corridor. The brand is fun, smart, and polished. To control costs and also contribute to a fast live-date, the team opted to use one of Jonah's web templates rather than a custom solution. We worked with the developer and property manager to ensure that the brand we built carried over to the template to convey the building's unique selling points.

Brand Overview
Beckley Logo
Brand Colors
Photos and Renderings
Beckley Notebook Graphic Pattern

Logo & Brand Identity

UpShift designed a logo that is modern and subtly references the architecture of the building.

Collection of Rackcards together
Amenities Rackcard
Neighborhood Rackcard
Apartments Rackcard

Rack Cards

A collection of three individual Rack Cards were designed to highlight Amenities, Neighborhood, and Interiors. A belly band binds them together for a unique experience that is truly cost effective.

Beckley Floor Plan Sheet and Business Cards

Stationery & Floor Plan Sheets

Beckley Sell Sheet

Sell Sheet

A handy property overview for prospects who don't want to take the brochure cards.

Construction Signage

Construction Signage

Desktop Website

Website Consultation

We translated the design to a Jonah template to facilitate faster rollout at a lower pricepoint than a custom website.